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What Calgary’s first quarter housing market trends could mean for you

News from the first quarter was released earlier this month from CREB® and it looks as though their forecast was as accurate as the constant snowstorms in Calgary.

Chief economist at CREB®, Ann-Marie Lurie, says economic conditions are slowly improving, but those new lending conditions and higher lending rates have been squelching that growth a bit. And while those new regulations are changing how you get approved, the pool of housing inventory continues to widen.

Although sales have been slow, as was expected, there are a few highlights that could impact you positively! If you’re looking to sell your detached home, or looking to get into apartment/condo living, this is good news.

We’re coming to the beginning of the busiest season in the housing market, and while overall prices aren’t expected to drop significant amounts, Lurie says “you can find good value if you’re looking to buy a home, and you can also get good value if you’re selling.”

This all depends on your current reality, your goals, what type of property you’re looking to get into and where that property is located. But, as the market continues to stabilize itself, you have options!

As a buyer or seller, you may have opportunity this spring to make your dreams a reality. Before you make the leap, let’s chat about how to get you the best deals possible.

To read CREB’s® full news release, click here.

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