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Market Cycles

Listen to an investment advisor and they will gladly tell you that markets will go up and they will go down. Some will joke with you that its like gravity but it is much more than that.

Market cycles are trends or patterns that may exist in a given market environment which allow some assets or securities to outperform others. It is often hard to determine when a market will be high or low. I guess that’s why we are not all rich, and all wish hindsight were foresight.

Maybe you are looking at today’s market believing it is too high and saying to yourself, "I am never going to get into the market to become a home owner," or, "I won’t be able to sell because I bought too high," or, "if I do this, I may never get to start my new business."

I would like to propose something different. Cycles in the real estate market will indeed rise and fall, though as trends have told us so far, the best time to buy will always be in the present.

In Hindsight for example: Do you remember when the real estate market 1995 was expensive? Then again in 2005 it was really expensive too. Today we look back at both of these time frames and realized the market since has increased in value significantly. Yep, back then it was expensive but now we would say it was cheap (hindsight).

Give me a call to talk about it as everyone’s situation will vary. Making sure you are prepared for what you want to do in the future is one of the key things you will want to make sure you have in place!

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