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The Perfect Landlord Does Stuff Like This

It’s important to look for the perfect tenants, but don’t forget to be the best landlord either! Rental relationships are a two-way street, so start yours off with the best foot forward by giving a helpful gift basket. Here’s a couple tips to get yours started!


Don’t just get any old basket for this gift, but get something they can use in their home for storage. It is a kind gesture, and they will be reminded of your thoughtfulness whenever they use your practical gift.


Type and print a list of area information in case your renter isn’t used to it. This list could include fitness gyms, great take-out spots, schools, parks, dry cleaners, grocery stores and nearby hospitals.


Lists Upon Lists! If you have instruction manuals or guides for appliances in the home, place them all in a binder to include in the basket. If you aren’t confident giving the originals in a binder, than use a photocopy.


Why don’t you include a couple light bulbs, water filters for your sink, furniture felt pads, or your preferred natural cleaning supplies?


Lastly, include something special like a Tim Horton’s or Starbucks gift card and wish them luck and energy for their move in.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot, but it can make a big difference in how your tenants view you. It can also help you avoid phone calls or emails that are already included in the Welcome Basket.

Don’t just expect the best from your new renters, but give them your very best too!

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